Lewis Earl | About
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I’m a design engineer based in the UK.

The majority of my work is based around bespoke structural/architectural design, as well as theme park and museum/heritage.



Hard Skills
Sketching and rendering by hand
CAD surface modelling and rendering (Autodesk Alias)
CAD solid modelling (Solidworks, Inventor)
FEA (Inventor, Nastran)
2D AutoCAD
Vault/DDM/PDM document management software
Producing drawings and BoMs, material quantification
RAMS – internal/design and site
Scheduling, Gantt charts
Controlling drawing standards, revisions, and hierarchies within an ISO 9001 environment
Creating/controlling drawing registers
Creating/controlling shipping manifests
Graphic design/artworking in Adobe CS for print and digital
Writing and performing inspection and test plans
Writing structural and engineering reports


Fabrication Skills
Various CNC and CAM softwares, 2/3 axis
Metal fabrication, turning, milling, welding
Wood/CFRP/GFRP and general fabrication
Coding and physical computing (Arduino)
Large-scale project installation/site support


Soft Skills
Concept generation & collaborating with concept design companies/content experts
Liaising with clients and managing client expectations
Appointing and managing internal staff and contractors
Liaising with internal and external consultants
Maintaining good relationships with local and global contractors
Team leadership, setting clear objectives
Skill-sharing, creating productivity tools
Project debriefs and error reporting
User-centred research, interviews, focus groups
Prototyping, mocking-up, user testing

CV Summary


Stage One, York, UK
November 2017 – onwards
Senior Design Engineer November 2017 – November 2019
Consultant Design Engineer November 2019 – onwards


Paragon Creative, York, UK
April 2016 – November 2017
Design Engineer


workSpace, Dunedin, New Zealand
April 2013 – March 2016
Industrial Designer


Black Seal, Dunedin, New Zealand
April 2013 – March 2016
Graphic design/marketing (freelance)


Watsonian-Squire, Cotswolds, UK
May-September 2012
Industrial designer (intern/junior)


Coventry School of Art & Design
BA/MDes Industrial Design First Class with Honours
Winner, 2013 Bugatti Trust Award for Design and Innovation


Stage One
Setbuilder/GFRP fabricator

High Risk Solutions